Posted by: marksimon | May 15, 2008

Art and Soul

The resort recently installed an incredible art collection, curated by former Oahu resident Julie Cline, that seems to have struck a chord with guests and locals alike.  From paintings and sculpture, to photography, textiles and feather lei, the exhaustive collection tells the story of Hawaii from statehood in 1959 to present.  The collection is a companion to the art collection at our sister resort on the Big Island, Four Seasons Hualalai, who art covers the period of when westerners first made contact with native Hawaiians to 1959.Art lovers can explore the Resort’s public spaces to catch a glimpse of Jun Kaneko’s world-renowned sculptural heads, Michael Harada’s unfinished kubuki masks, or Toshiko Takeazu’s ceramics.  All of the pieces form a cohesive whole to reflect the textures and colors of the island – water-toned blues, rain-forest greens and golden sunset hues.

Since Maui does not have an art museum per se, we decided that the collection should be open to the local community as well as visitors all over the islands – not just guests of our resort.  To personalize the experience, you can sign up for a docent-led tour or take a self-guided journey with complimentary use of an iPod, featuring artist interviews and music by Grammy-nominated Hawaiian recording artist (and friend of the resort)  

Keali’i Reichel.We had a lot of fun putting this together because we were making it all up as we went along!  We didn’t know of another hotel that had self-guided maps of their art collections for example, so we employed a talented local designer who specializes in 3D maps for shopping malls and had him put together a walking map complete with pictures of each piece on the tour.  We then married an audio tour of the collection to coincide with the map sequence, using another vendor.  It was quite a challenge to pull it all together.  And it turns out that our local designer won an award for the design of the brochure!



Next time on the island, stop in and check it out! 










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