Posted by: marksimon | May 19, 2008

Humpback Whales in Hawaii

Most locals agree that this past whale season was among the best in memory. “Whale Soup” is how we describe it when every time you look up at the ocean you see a whale or a bunch of whales! One of the reasons for the increase in numbers is that the humpback whale is on the endangered species list, so the efforts to protect them has apparently increased the overall population.
Whale Season is generally November through May, and while you can watch whales from every island, the calm channels between Maui – Molokai – Lanai are reputed to be the best spots to see Hawaii’s humpback whales. There are many ways for guests to see whales while they are here. There are terrific organized whale-watching tours with companies such as Pacific Whale Foundation, or you can frequently see them just hanging out on the beach or from our resort’s pool deck of Ferraro’s restaurant. Another of our guests recently was participating in our Outrigger Canoe paddling program and shot some wonderful video.
Humpback whales actually migrate from Alaskan waters where they have gorged themselves for the past six months. The journey from Alaska to Hawaii is about 2,800 miles and takes about six or seven weeks in all. The whales come to Hawaii to find a mate, breed and give birth. They frequently can be seen “breaching”, in which the 45 ton mammals magnificently jettison themselves out of the water in a graceful ballet.
The Hawaii Vistors Bureau has produced a fantastic short video on the humpback whales in Hawaii, one of the best I have seen! Here is the link . . .


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